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Welcome to the Swing Toronto (a.k.a. Odd Socks) Homepage!  We are friendly and experienced producers of dance events in Toronto, including Saturday Night Swing.  

We are switching to a new website, located at www.swingtoronto.com

Come to Saturday Night Swing every Saturday Night at Dovercourt House featuring a great line-up of live swing bands!  Plus beginner dance classes before the dance party! For the Schedule see the Swing Schedule at www.swingtoronto.com

Come to theMostly Waltz Friday Night Dance Parties (held once a month with beginner classes before the Party) and Saturday afternoon waltz workshops! All at Dovercourt House. See the Schedule at the Waltz Schedule at www.swingtoronto.com

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Videos: Ghost Catchers 1944 (Lindy Hop), Caitlin & Peter 2005 (Lindy Hop) (Caitlin teaches Lindy Hop in Toronto), Camp Jitterbug Lindy Hop finals  2008, Sharon & Juan 2009 (Lindy Hop), Emelie & Rebecaa vs. Sharon & Juan 2010 (Lindy Hop), Gordon Webster swing band with Steven Mitchell (Gordon's band and Steven Mitchell have both performed at Saturday Night Swing in Toronto), Road trip to Saturday Night Swing in Toronto (made for the Ford motor company).

Come to the monthly Waltz Dance Party (beginner classes before the party), Monday Night Waltz courses and Saturday afternoon Waltz Workshops!!  Details.

All Swing Toronto and Mostly Waltz venues are conveniently located on the Bloor subway line, and feature big sprung wood dance floors in charming high ceilinged dance halls! There is no need to bring your own dance partners. Beginners and newcomers are welcome!   Swing Toronto on Facebook
Saturday Night Swing Mostly Waltz - Dances & Lessons
Come to Saturday Night Live Band Swing at Dovercourt House every Saturday Night featuring some of the best live swing bands anywhere, excellent beginner dance lessons, and more!  Everyone welcome.  Big sprung wood dance floors, charming dance halls, licensed, no need to bring your own dance partners!  Come to the Mostly Waltz Dances, and our special Saturday  workshops! Viennese Waltz and Cross-step Waltz are some of the best, most fun, and most inspiring partner dancing ever!
Film clips of Lindy Hop, Charleston and Peabody: Let's Make Music featuring Dean Collins & Jewel McGowan 1939/40 (Lindy Hop), Ghost Catchers 1944 (Lindy Hop), Caitlin & Peter 2005 (Lindy Hop), Chad & Midori 2004 (Peabody & Charleston),  Swing Me Brother Swing with Natalie & Yuval 2004 (Lindy Hop), Hot Chocolate featuring Whitey's Lindy Hoppers and Duke Ellington 1941 (Lindy Hop),  Mulholland Drive 2001 (Lindy Hop scene at the start of the movie), Hellzapoppin' 1942 featuring Whitey's Lindy Hoppers (Lindy Hop), Groovie Movie 1943/1944 (Lindy Hop), Rip It Up 1956 (Lindy Hop), Candyman music video 2006 (Lindy Hop), Savoy Ballroom Tribute put together 2006 (slow to load), Camp Jitterbug Lindy Hop finals 2008, Natalie & Yuval 2006 (Lindy Hop), Natalie & Yuval Clowns Routine 2006 (Lindy Hop), Kevin & Emily 2008.

Why I Dance (and why you should too)

For more film and video footage of Lindy Hop and related dances from 1914 to the present see Lindy Hop Film and Video Footage at the Dance Links page.  (Click on the Dance Links button to your left.)

For video footage of Waltz see the Waltz page. Here is some additional footage: Social dancing at Gaskells Balls in Oakland, California - Polka (October 2005), Waltz (October 2005), Waltz (December 2006); Social Dance Irregulars Ball in 2003 in Pasdena, California.



Weekly email calendar of upcoming events: If you'd like to receive it email us at swingtoronto at gmail dot com and ask.

Questions:  for questions and details contact Swing Toronto (Odd Socks) or call 416-5three7-3337.

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